21-Day Snacking Challenge @ Work - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the 21-Day Snacking Challenge @ Work?

The 21-Day Snacking Challenge @ Work encourages you and your colleagues to make healthier snack choices for the next 21 days. You will receive a recipe book developed from the kids teaching kids® program, hundreds of online snack recipes, weekly education “bites” from the dietitian and support from your Wellness Coordinator.

We encourage you to support your co-workers in this challenge. Plan snack breaks together and coordinate ingredients to share in the fun!

2. What is kids teaching kids®?

The kids teaching kids® program challenges high school culinary students to create a recipe book for elementary school students full of healthy, flavorful snacks featuring fruits and vegetables.

3. If the ingredients in the recipe book don’t match up to the ingredients I have in my house, do I have to make a special food purchase?

No. We developed a tool on our website called "Healthy Snack Finder". You can use the Healthy Snack Finder to search for snacks, from our database of hundreds of healthier snack recipes, that match the ingredients you have on hand in your pantry or refrigerator. You may also create your own healthy snack (see guidelines for a healthy snack, listed below).

4. What if I miss a day in the 21-Day Snacking Challenge @ Work?

It is OK to miss a day. However, during the 21-Day Snacking Challenge @ Work we would like for you to think ahead and plan your snack each day. Remember you can make and enjoy your snack any time of the day.

5. Once I finish the challenge, do I take the final assessment?

No. You will wait 2 weeks after you finish the challenge before taking the final assessment. We will send you an email or text with the link when it is time. In the meantime, keep up the good snacking.

6. Can I enter a different email address on the final assessment from the one I used during registration?

No. We are trying to compile accurate data. Please use the same email address for the registration and final assessment.

7. During the 21-Day Snacking Challenge @ Work, do I have to make EVERY snack from the recipe book I have?

No. We understand there may be cases of food allergies, availability of ingredients, etc. Since the program began, culinary students have created hundreds of online snack recipes. You are more than welcome to download the recipe book on the website, use the "Healthy Snack Finder" tool or create your own healthy snacks (see guidelines for a healthy snack, listed below).

8. What are the guidelines for a Healthy Snack?

Below are the guidelines for your healthy snack. Don’t forget to check your portion size!

200 calories or less
7 g of fat or less
2 g of saturated fat or less
2 g of fiber or more!
15 g of sugar or less
Must contain a minimum of ½ cup fruit or vegetable per serving

9. What if I have questions about the 21-Day Snacking Challenge @ Work?

Contact your Wellness Coordinator.